Imagination burger club - Meat Liquor

Imagination burger club - Meat Liquor

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Imagination burger club - Meat Liquor

The beauty of Imagination's new blog is that it can be many things to many people. Only yesterday, my fellow creative strategist Paul Warwick was writing a well conisdered piece about ROI and the Heisenberg Principle. Today, I'm sharing slightly less cerebral musings about our latest burger outing, to Meat Liquor...

Heisenberg and burgers both have their own value. All I'm saying, is that I know which one I'd rather eat.
And there are few better places in London right now to eat a burger than Meat Liquor, the descendant of the famous Meatwagon, which trawled the capital's streets purveying divine burgers until it was stolen back in 2010.
The Meatwagon is all grown up now and, after a temporary residence in Peckham Rye, has its first permanent premises (with four walls) just off Oxford Street.
In keeping with its streetwise, rough-and-ready heritage, Meat Liquor is not a white napkin and silver fork experience. And neither should it be. We'd describe it as "speakeasy chic" and the burgers, fries and sides all arrive in one heap on picnic-style chequered paper. Perfect for rolling up the sleeves, greasing the fingers and sharing.
Did I say sharing? It was more like a scrum during our sitting, such was the appetite for delicious chilli fries, normal fries and onion rings. (The table's quiet zone surrounded the coleslaw, which didn't get a look in when we applied our "not battered and fried, not interested" siege mentality.)
Star of the show was the burger though. Melt in the mouth goodness, full of flavour and over all too quickly, even for those of us (ahem, me) who doubled up with a Dead Hippie.
There was only one complaint from the assembled party of seven and it came from dear Lucie, who has standards far above the rest of us, and bemoaned the absence of plates, knives and forks.
Personally, I love the lack of cutlery and refinement and the jam jars that serve as glasses. It just adds to what is a basic, honest-to-goodness burger experience. What food and drink at Meat Liquor lacks in frills, it makes up for in taste. And that's good enough for me.
Official Imagination burger rating: 9/10 - the newest addition to London's burger kingdom and possibly the best
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Joe Allen: 8/10


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