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Brands for life - The Guardian

Brands for life - The Guardian

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Brands for life - The Guardian

The term ‘Guardian reader’ has become a shorthand way of saying ‘someone of liberal values’, and is usually accompanied by the terms ‘sandal wearing’ and ‘lentil munching’, but if that’s how it has to be, then pass me my Birkenstocks, for I am that lentil muncher.



I first came across the paper while studying for the Scottish equivalent of A-levels and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was doing the usual thing of trying to pinch informed sounding ideas and opinions to enliven tired and possibly clichéd-sounding answers to essay questions, and instantly something clicked into place.
For me it wasn’t necessarily a reflection of my own views (which have changed significantly in the last 20+ years, as history has taught us that Shaun Ryder possibly isn’t the best songwriter to ever walk the earth), what really did it for me was the tone and clarity of the writing, the lack of condescension and the unbiased reporting of the global news, done in a way that really did make you want to read every article.
Since then I’ve flirted with other newspapers when I’ve been unable to get my daily fix, but always returned, feeling like I’ve been unfaithful in some way, like I’ve cheated on The Guardian with another newspaper.
The Guardian has always embraced change and has really tried to stay ahead of the competition by embracing technology – it was an early adopter of user-generated content, podcasts, Kindle editions and apps for Apple and Android platforms, yet never at the risk of sacrificing or cannibalising any of the core content of the paper in the pursuit of ‘digital first’, another badge of honour that, to me, shows a publication of integrity, not quick dotcom dosh.
Even when the paper gets it wrong (pre-Elections support for the Lib Dems has since been withdrawn), it more than makes up for it by getting it right (WikiLeaks and the News International hacking debacle being two of the more recent events) and it isn’t afraid to say so when it does.
I can’t imagine reading another paper, even overseas you can still get a weekly version, nor would I want to and for as long as The Guardian continues to lead the way unbiased reporting, asking awkward questions and generally playing a part in defining the news agenda in this country, I’ll be an avid reader.
Brand for life? I sincerely hope so.
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