15 minutes of fame. BNY Mellon


15 minutes of fame. BNY Mellon

Creating an experience that is as bold and vibrant as Andy Warhol’s art.

The 15 Minutes Eternal Exhibition is the largest collection of Andy Warhol’s art to tour Asia, showcasing over 500 of his most iconic works. As the lead sponsor of the exhibition, BNY Mellon asked Imagination to create an event that celebrated not only Andy Warhol’s vision, but also BNY Mellon’s role in facilitating this spectacular event.
Andy Warhol’s most well known quotation is "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." We used Warhol’s fascination with fame and celebrity to recreate the colour and glamour of his world.
We created the complete Andy Warhol experience. As guests arrived they were ushered up an escalator that was covered with pop art visuals. They were then walked down a hot pink carpet to experience their own 15 minutes of fame. Guests had their photo taken which was then “Warholized” and posted onto screens across the room.
A unique soundscape provided the atmosphere playing all the versions of the 15 minutes of fame quote mixed in with music from Warhol’s Factory period and the disco days of Studio 54. Andy Warhol, appeared in the form of an impersonator and acted as the MC for the evening, whilst dancers dressed as the celebrities who inspired his famous portraits provided the entertainment. Experts from the Andy Warhol Museum took guests on tours of the art throughout the night.

  • Over 350 of BNY Mellon’s clients and staff attended, many of whom raved about the show and how we transformed the space.
  • The exhibition will continue to three more cities in Asia

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