ISO 9001

The Imagination Group Limited became registered to ISO 9001 in 2002 and continues to be committed to benchmarking its performance against the highest standards available.

The Imagination Group Limited has an established and mapped core process system. This includes all aspects of the company’s activities, backed by internal policy and procedures reference documentation. This system is currently used on a company-wide basis to ensure the smooth running of all projects, the delivery of customer satisfaction and the building of strong client relationships.

The Imagination Group Limited project management process starts with the development of the initial brief and continues through 6 stages until project completion. Clients are encouraged at every stage to participate, review and comment on all aspects of the project prior to work being completed.

In this way, we ensure that safeguards are in place to facilitate innovative yet practical creative solutions, focused communication and consistently high levels of client satisfaction. Imagination projects involve a full debriefing, again encouraging clients to participate and voice their opinions and thus contributing to continual improvement.

ISO 14001

The Imagination Group Limited subscribes to the environmental management system ISO 14001 to a degree appropriate to the nature and scale of its organisation and activities.

Management and staff acknowledge the importance of preventing pollution, principally by identifying and working to minimise the environmental impact of the company’s offices, facilities and functions.

The philosophy of re-using and recycling (as opposed to disposal) also informs our work for clients. 

We seek to optimise the resources utilised in communication, design and event management by adopting operational technologies and practices as required.

We comply with all relevant legislation and standards; we look to sustain the continuous improvement of our performance by establishing and reviewing environmental targets on a regular basis.

In addition to communicating this policy throughout our organisation, we actively solicit the support of clients, contractors and suppliers, working to raise awareness of our collective responsibility for the environment, and our quality of life.



Both Imagination Europe Ltd and Imagination (USA) Inc were awarded Q1 supplier status by Ford Motor Company in 2004.

The certification was granted after Imagination met rigorous performance and quality management criteria set out by Ford assessors.

Q1 certification is recognised throughout the automotive and related industries. It is regarded as a symbol of excellence, customer satisfaction and consistent and continuing high quality.

The certification is reviewed by Ford’s Q1 assessment team on an ongoing basis, to confirm that day-to-day performance continues to meet the required standards.

Imagination is the first marketing services supplier in Europe to obtain this status.