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PechaKucha Detroit

PechaKucha is a brand new sponsorship initiative for Imagination, with the aim of transforming business through creativity.

A giant Oz-scape made entirely of food cans? A more practical concept for building houses, inspired from “Extreme Home Makeover?” The inspiration behind art found in some of the most recognizable buildings in Detroit?
All of these innovations found stage time Nov. 15 at PechaKucha Night, Volume 13 in Detroit, and Imagination was there to bask in all the night’s creativity.
We put together the video below that collects presenters’ and attendees’ thoughts on creativity inspiring change and the inspirations seen at Volume 13. But view at your own risk - to watch is to aspire for greatness.
PechaKucha is a brand new sponsorship for Imagination that’s kicked off with our combined efforts resulting in Volume 13 of PechaKucha Night Detroit. This collaboration is very unlike any the Americas organization has seen before. And one that fits perfectly.
Both PK and Imagination use creativity and inspiration to change and transform business. Thus, the alliance feels just like the last little puzzle piece in our collection of creative inspirations.
The electric flavor of the night at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI was contradictory to the ambiance of the studio itself. The dark, sultry lighting barely illuminated the aisles that descended to meet the stage, but the presenters provided inspiration that seemed illuminated with light of their own. Community organization, community architecture, dance and choreography, 3D printing and laser cutting, painting and drawing, music, and glass sculpture were all topics that opened the minds of everyone in the audience.
The array of business insight and creative design confirmed our suspicion that PechaKucha’s social standing in Detroit’s creative and business communities has come a long way since the first PKN in 2008. The organization is truly accomplishing its goal to permeate as many sectors with as many outlets in these communities as possible. The night proved up-and-comings have great opportunity to share ideas and experiences while networking and interacting with the rest of the community.
It was energizing to hear the eagerness in Volume 13 presenters’ and attendees’ voices as they spoke with me about the event. PechaKucha’s influence on the creative community and how they feel creativity transforms business were other topics fervently and openly discussed. The diversity in schools of thought was almost overwhelming to the brain unfamiliar with the range of art forms presented, but welcomed. The night closed with a performance by one of the presenters and her band, E.R.
We look forward to the PKN Detroit Volume 14 “DiverseCITY” Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and if you or someone you know would like details on presenting, email; the deadline for entries is Jan. 20.
See you there.
Click here to find out more about PechaKucha.


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