Driven by you. CiteeCar


Driven by you. CiteeCar

Developing and launching a new car sharing brand in Berlin.

Imagination was tasked with developing the visual identity, and a fully integrated campaign to launch CiteeCar, a new car-sharing start-up, in the German market.
CiteeCar needed to differentiate itself from, the already established, competition. The car sharing market is becoming increasingly popular with many major brands offering a fleet of cars.
Our approach sought to position CiteeCar as the natural choice for the price conscious user, within the car sharing market. We positioned CiteeCar as a confident, humorous and intelligent brand offering low cost car sharing for everyone. One euro could get you one hour in a CiteeCar.
Our choice of bright colours and bold headlines will ensure that the brand is instantly recognisable. The consistent yet flexible branding will allow CiteeCar to expand across Europe.
Promotion of the brand included the website, a 360 degree advertising campaign with media planning and buying, PR and social media, promotions, car branding and store design, all through Imagination.

  • CiteeCar’s positioning, as the low cost car sharing company, has proven to be the main driver for the constantly growing number of members.
  • All further expansion activities will be based on this brand strategy.
  • Press coverage within local and European titles.

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